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Hey Kids,



You wanna

talk about



Talk is therapy and will be the tool we use to overcome emotional challenges.


Talk is the way we communicate and get feedback from others. Talking also involves listening.


You can improve your relationships today and learn healthy ways to communicate your feelings and thoughts so that people will listen.

Is therapy

right for us?

Does your child...

  • need skills for coping with worries or other symptoms of anxiety?

  • have trouble focusing or paying attention in class?

  • unexplained sadness, irritable, or withdrawn?

  • have difficulty keeping or making friends?

  • perform poorly in school?


As a parent, do you...

  • struggle to communicate with your child?

  • have a hard time understanding what your child needs?

  • want to know how you can help your child express their feelings?

  • need help understanding your child and their feelings?

  • want to learn new ways to respond to a behavior?

Did you answer "yes" to any of these questions?

If so, we may need to talk!

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Can we talk

for a minute?

With experience, skill, and passion, Licensed Clinical Social Worker Jamilah Scott is poised to help families conquer the challenges of every day life!

We're ready

to listen!

Let's work together to change the life of your children

and trajectory of your family's story!

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